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Will Advanced Threat Analytics help me with all OS?

Will Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) help me detect suspicious activity on my network, regardless of the operating systems in my environment? “YES!” is the short answer. Any user or entity that connects to the network via Active Directory (AD), queries the DNS servers, or authenticates with AD is inspected for anomalous activities, regardless of the […]

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New Features Coming to Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

With Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) we continue to build on identity at the core of the solution to maximize your employees’ productivity while at the same time providing the necessary capabilities across security, management of devices and apps, and information protection to ensure that your critical company data […]

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Azure Information Protection and Cloud App Security Integration

Cloud App Security: Extend Control Over Your Data to the Cloud
At Ignite, Microsoft had showcased the integration between Cloud App Security and Azure Information Protection in the Cloud App Security session and Azure Information Protection session. We are excited to share more about this integration and also demonstrate how it helps in extending security for […]

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How to protect your business in a mobile world

Mobile technology promises big rewards
Mobile Technology…Check this out… Mobility can offer major business gains by allowing workers to be productive and work together anywhere. In a recent study about how mobility benefits businesses, 77% said mobility helps drive growth and 61% said that it boosts productivity.


What About Data Security?
With work being done beyond the walls […]

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Microsoft Identity-Driven Security: Protect From User Mistakes

The more visibility and control you have into your environment, the more you can keep it safely secured. Microsoft Identity-Driven Security offers deep visibility and strong data controls for the cloud apps your employees use, giving you complete context and granular-level policies. You attain the ability to classify and label files at creation, track their […]

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EMS renamed to Enterprise Mobility + Security

The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite or EMS for short will remain roughly the same Identity-driven security solution current customers have become familiar with.


For those unfamiliar with EMS, Microsoft has provided a brief overview of the service as follows:
Microsoft renames Enterprise Mobility Suite to Enterprise Mobility + Security – WinBeta


Protect at the front door

Our solution starts […]

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What you Need to Know About Microsoft Intune

What is Intune? Microsoft Intune is the “management arm” of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS, formerly known as Enterprise Mobility Suite). Enterprise mobility is about providing a means to all of your employees to be productive on all of their devices but, at the same time, keeping your organization’s information protected.


EMS as such is […]

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Protect your data with conditional access from Enterprise Mobility + Security

With smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs, people have an increasing number of options for getting and staying connected at any time. Users expect the freedom to access their corporate email and documents from anywhere on any device–and they expect the experience to be seamless and modern. This means IT needs to make sure that corporate […]

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Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) Behavior Analysis Monitoring


ATA analyzes and learns user and entity behavior by aggregating data from various data sources, such as deep packet inspection of domain-controller traffic, windows events, and data provided by SIEM systems. After ATA begins gathering information about Active Directory traffic and correlating that information with AD components, it will then scan for abnormal behavior and […]

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Canada Gets Its Own Cloud Infrastructure with Dedicated Microsoft Azure Canada

Canada, as a major sovereign entity in the world, has confidential data that it must protect. Government and public sector organizations must ensure that the storage and processing of such data comply with Canadian requirements. At the same time, cloud computing with its limitless potential offers advantages not only to government agencies, but also to […]

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