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Detecting threats with Azure Security Center


The past five years have seen the emergence of various cloud services and the trend is only growing stronger. As expected, attackers have been fast to leverage this trend and execute attacks. While some of the attack techniques we’ve seen are new, and are the direct result of new technologies and DevOps culture that are […]

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Take a Look At Azure Test Drives in preview



This year at //Build 2016 there happens to be a number of fantastic announcements. One of these NEW announcements was the public preview of Azure Test Drives. Test drives are frictionless trials of pre-configured Virtual Machines in Azure. Test drive images provide simple sandbox environments to evaluate third-party solutions from a wide range of partners.


When […]

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Azure Data Factory for Users of Hadoop

If you are a Hadoop user, you might want to consider Azure Data Factory. Today, data is a serious problem for a number of different companies. Because data can be generated from so many different sources, such as smartphones, smart watches, tablets, computers, and more, the volume is astronomical. It is becoming quite a challenge. […]

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What You Can Learn from Hillary Clinton’s BYOD Challenges

Blurred data borders, BYOD, and information leakage – how will you cope?

Does it shock you to hear that prominent public sector officials and politicians are handling classified information on unofficial devices? The recent disclosures about Hillary Clinton’s transmission of government data via her own email server have caused a furor. Was it wrong? Was it […]

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All About Azure Event Hubs

Azure Event Hubs are truly offering “hubs” for the Azure portal. This technology offers technology through which staggering amounts of data can be processed and then made available for analysis and/or storage. This data can come from a variety of sources, which can include websites, mobile devices and even machines.

Due to the fact that massive […]

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A step-by-step guide to help your end users through the device enrollment process.

Selecting Intune as your MDM solution is the first of several steps to protect your corporate data while enabling a great end-user experience.  As you progress towards deployment, you’ll need to make sure you are taking the appropriate steps to make it easy for your end users to enroll their devices into Microsoft Intune.


Microsoft recently […]

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Decoding the Tech-Speak to see if Azure Data Factory is Right For You

You’ve heard about Azure Data Factory or ADF, and the idea of automating a large chunk of your data processing in the cloud intrigues you. However, you’re feeling a little daunted by the prospect of the corporate PR and tech-marketing language that goes with it. For example, what on earth is the “data lineage” that […]

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How to Get Fast Insights on Security Threats with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) Advanced Threat Analytics

Introducing Advanced Threat Analytics.  An on-premises solution to identify advanced security attacks before they cause damage. The frequency and sophistication of cyber-security attacks are getting worse.  Watch the replay of MessageOps webinar on March 8th to learn more about the changing nature of attacks and how Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics work.

Click here to watch the […]

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New Identity and Security Innovations for your Enterprise

For certain, Microsoft has a strong, lasting commitment to help its customers stay secure.

Microsoft recently posted the following announcement about new identity and security innovations coming soon.

Protecting identities is at the foundation of how we secure and manage users, devices, apps, and data with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). In a world of the […]

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How to run Elasticsearch on Azure

What is elasticsearch? Elasticsearch is a scalable open source search engine and database that has been gaining increasing popularity among developers building cloud-based systems. When properly configured, it is capable of ingesting and efficiently querying large volumes of data super quickly.

It is very straightforward to build and deploy an Elasticsearch cluster on to Azure. What you can […]

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