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Azure AD app management roles in public preview now

Last week Microsoft announced the public preview of their new delegated app management role.
If you have granted people the Global Administrator role for things like configuring enterprise applications, now you can move them to this lesser privileged role. Doing so will help improve your security posture and reduce the potential for unfortunate mistakes.

Microsoft has added […]

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Preview Azure AD Conditional Access to block legacy authentication

Last week, Microsoft announced the availability to the public the preview of Azure AD Conditional Access support for blocking legacy authentication. You used to need to use ADFS to do this, however, by using conditional access to do this it is SO much simpler/better. Now you to can manage legacy authentication blocking as one part […]

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PingFederate in public preview for Azure AD

Last week Microsoft announced the public preview of the PingFederate configuration integration in the latest release of AADConnect. With this release customers can easily and reliably configure their Azure Active Directory environment to use PingFederate as their federation provider, and are excited to offer a more seamless integration experience to their customers.

This combined with […]

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New Version of ATA Released

Microsoft recently announced the new release of Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) version 1.9. This release includes copious new features as well as performance enhancements, thus, making it an even more powerful security solution.

Here are some of the exciting new ATA features available in v1.9:

New Detection: Detect suspicious service creation on your domain controllers

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Remote Desktop preview now in web client

Remote Desktop Preview
At Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft had announced that a new web client is being developed to provide access to virtualized apps and desktops from a browser, without having the need to install a local client. Thus, providing a consistent experience across devices, minimizes installation or maintenance costs, and provides quick and easy access from […]

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Easy Intune and SCCM Co-Management

SCCM and Intune Co-Managment for Windows 10

Figure 1 above is a graphical representation of a co-managed Windows 10 device.

Transitioning to the modern cloud-based management of your Windows 10 devices? The current branch of SCCM (version 1710) now allows for the co-management of your Windows 10 devices with Intune. What co-management between SCCM and Intune provides,is  […]

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Improved Protection Stack for Azure Information Protection

Microsoft is always striving to make the process of protecting information easier and simpler for users and admins alike. Hence, to help with the initial step in protecting your information, Microsoft was happy to announce as of February 2018 all Azure Information Protection eligible tenants will have Azure Information Protection on by default. Organizations which […]

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Update 1801 for Configuration Manager Technical Preview Branch

Microsoft and their configuration team have a lot of exciting features coming in 2018. Right now, they are super stoked to let us know that update 1801 for the Technical Preview Branch of System Center Configuration Manager was just released. Technical Preview Branch releases give you an opportunity to try out new Configuration Manager features […]

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Using Wildcard in AD App Proxy

Howdy folks. We wanted to let you know about a cool new capability that improves the management experience for Azure AD Application Proxy. Drum roll…

You can now use wildcards(*) to publish many applications at once. Wildcards will also let you apply the same settings such as authentication method and user assignment for each of those […]

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Integrating Your VPN Connections with Microsoft ATA

VPN Connections
A great many IT teams use Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections as a method to grant remote users access to corporate resources from outside the company’s network. A VPN connection provides employees flexibility by allowing them to work on the go and helps to increase productivity.
VPN connections are fully encrypted, they are secure and […]

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