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Using Wildcard in AD App Proxy

Howdy folks. We wanted to let you know about a cool new capability that improves the management experience for Azure AD Application Proxy. Drum roll…

You can now use wildcards(*) to publish many applications at once. Wildcards will also let you apply the same settings such as authentication method and user assignment for each of those […]

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Integrating Your VPN Connections with Microsoft ATA

VPN Connections
A great many IT teams use Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections as a method to grant remote users access to corporate resources from outside the company’s network. A VPN connection provides employees flexibility by allowing them to work on the go and helps to increase productivity.
VPN connections are fully encrypted, they are secure and […]

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Improved App Launcher Experience in Azure AD

How about a user visiting your company’s Azure AD app launcher for the first time and finding exactly the apps they need to be productive and effective. No confusion or clutter.  Sounds like a dream scenario, correct?
You’ve sent Microsoft more and more requests for features that allow you to better manage third-party apps as you’re […]

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Detecting remote code execution with Microsoft ATA

Attackers can often use legitimate tools to take malicious actions. There have been recent incidents that have been perpetrated using a known technique known  as  Remote Code Execution (RCE) to spread malware inside a targeted network. This attack can be executed using legitimate tools such as WMIC and/or PSExec.

In the screenshot you can see ATA […]

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Updates on Microsoft Cloud App Security

Microsoft Cloud App Secruity
Microsoft has been working diligently to deepen the integration between Azure Information Protection community and the Microsoft Cloud App Security to allow for expanded information protection scenarios that are important to you all.

Azure Information Protection Update
The current GA client is

Nothing new to add,  The Next GA release is scheduled for […]

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It’s time to migrate v1.0 Azure AD Conditional Access policies to v2.0

Azure AD Conditional Access Policies
Azure AD Conditional Access policies in the new Azure portal offer a powerful integrated experience to meet your organization’s security and compliance needs. As we approach the sunset date of Azure AD in the classic Azure portal, it’s important that you move from policies at an app level in the classic […]

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Azure Active Directory and Ignite 2017

What’s new with Azure Active Directory from Ignite 2017
Prior to Ignite 2017, Microsoft worked diligently to turn on new capabilities for Azure Active Directory.  That said, we wanted to recap that for you.

The next wave of conditional access is now
In June Microsoft introduced the general availability of the new conditional access admin experience in the […]

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Microsoft retiring the Azure Classic Portal

Azure AD admin center
Since Microsoft  announced General Availability of the new Azure AD admin center  back in May,  it’s been used by well over 800,000 users from 500,000 organizations in almost every country in the world. This new admin center is the future for administration of Azure AD.

Microsoft has been listening to the feedback and […]

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New Feature in Cloud App Security

Cloud App Security: Require users to sign in again in case of suspicious behavior
Real-time remediation for security threats is a key challenge for companies, where attackers can move quickly to access critical data. Cloud App Security team is excited to introduce a new feature for threat protection through integration with Azure Active Directory: when a […]

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Now in InTune… Role Based Access Control

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) has been a favorite feature for the System Center Configuration Manager community since it was introduced, and now it’s available in Intune. RBAC in Intune allows you to easily define who can perform various Intune tasks within your organization, and who those tasks apply to. RBAC gives you greater flexibility […]

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