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Do you know how many cloud applications are being accessed by your employees?
Are your employees sharing valuable information via emails and attachments?
Is Your Help Desk Inundated with Password Reset Requests Over and Over?
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5 Necessary Policies for Businesses Embracing Mobile Technology

While mobile workplaces are becoming increasingly popular, they can’t just be thrown together willy-nilly
Employees are looking to utilize mobile technology more than ever before. This is especially the case among Millennials, who are often willing to give something up in exchange for the ability to work remotely. If your business is toying with the idea […]

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Mobile Device Policy Report

Real-World Mobile Device Security Practices:
A comprehensive survey of how businesses are securing mobile devices in the workplace – FREE Mobile Device Policy Report
447 organizations across a spectrum of industries were recently polled in this first annual survey of mobile device policies to gain insight into the common practices being employed to secure mobile access […]

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International Privacy Controls for the Cloud

Microsoft stepping up to the plate to ensure enterprise security in the cloud
From the moment businesses began to use the cloud to store critical data, privacy has always been of the utmost importance. When data begins to be stored by customers in different countries, international privacy laws and controls quickly come into play. Earlier this […]

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Cybersecurity Isn’t Just an IT Checklist—It’s Organizational

Companies need to stop viewing cybersecurity as problem for IT—here’s why
IT departments often become a bit skittish when a security team performs a vulnerability assessment. While you would think that the IT department would be afraid that vulnerabilities would be found, this largely isn’t the case. Most IT departments admit that vulnerabilities exist in just […]

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Microsoft EMS Isn’t Just for Mobility

Most companies should take a hard look at the versatile security solutions of Microsoft EMS
While the name of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) indicates that it’s primarily geared toward mobile devices, it actually offers a much larger suite of services for all devices. Learn why this comprehensive offering of four robust solutions is a must […]

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