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Do you know how many cloud applications are being accessed by your employees?
Are your employees sharing valuable information via emails and attachments?
Is Your Help Desk Inundated with Password Reset Requests Over and Over?
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Information Protection: Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (Part 2)

Who’s really accessing your company’s most valuable data?
It’s a BYOD party at many enterprises today, and that’s causing serious security issues. Employees will not be parted with their personal mobile devices. They expect to use them as productivity tools at the office.
Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) gives you the power to retain this productivity for […]

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Mobile Device Password Policies: How Does Yours Compare?

Discover how other businesses are securing their mobile work environments and what best practices you should be following
Managing mobile devices in the workplace is a significant challenge for IT administrators around the globe. While mobility in the workplace has led to increased employee satisfaction and productivity, it has not come without its challenges.
Champions Solutions Group […]

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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (Part 1): Identity and Access Management in the Cloud

From single sign-on to multi-factor authentication, here’s how Azure Active Directory Premium supports mobile security
Talk about an identity crisis. People live in a world today where the entry to just about everything is a username and a password. Keeping track of them is a headache. If you’re an IT administrator, you’ve come to dread the […]

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Real-World Mobile Security Remedies That Actually Work: An Infographic

See key takeaways from our groundbreaking report on how businesses are securing mobile devices in the workplace
Mobile security is a challenge and a priority for corporate IT administrators. Security risks are real—and costly—yet less than half of businesses have a formal BYOD security policy. If you’re wondering how your peers tackle mobile security, wonder no […]

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BYOD for Schools: Setting a Policy That Students and Teachers Can Work With

How to protect confidential data while ensuring teachers and students have enough flexibility to foster a rich learning environment
When most of us think of BYOD policies, we often think about how they affect businesses. While companies need robust BYOD policies, it’s just as important for schools to have robust BYOD policies to ensure students and […]

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