5 Necessary Policies for Businesses Embracing Mobile Technology

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5 Necessary Policies for Businesses Embracing Mobile Technology on mobility.messageops.com

While mobile workplaces are becoming increasingly popular, they can’t just be thrown together willy-nilly


Employees are looking to utilize mobile technology more than ever before. This is especially the case among Millennials, who are often willing to give something up in exchange for the ability to work remotely. If your business is toying with the idea of embracing mobile technology for your employees, remember that you’ll need to create solid policies to ensure that people are able to work the way they need to while keeping your data secure.

A policy for securing business data

Workplace mobility inherently increases business risks and data is often compromised in one of the following ways:

  • Terminated users/employees
  • Device loss or theft
  • Open access to critical business information
  • Data sharing practices that could be unsecured

In addition to these security concerns, companies must watch out for potential viruses and malware as well as the risks that can come with rooted or jailbroken mobile devices. With mobile devices, it’s critically important that all business data is secured at the source as well as in transit and at the endpoint.

Isolating business and personal resources

For business data security it’s important that business data is managed separately from a user’s personal resources. This can include:

  • Data
  • Web access
  • Database access
  • Apps
  • Remote business access
  • Email

Mobile management suites offer containerization that helps to isolate and secure business data while also allowing more centralized management.

Establishing user-focused processes

If your security policies are too complicated, they will often be ignored or overlooked. User access to business data should be fast, consistent, easy and should not impact other device uses. So while data needs to be secure, it’s equally important that your policies don’t force users to jump through hoops just to do their jobs.

Reduce the costs of enterprise mobility

There are both direct and indirect costs associated with enterprise mobility. Direct costs usually include infrastructure costs, software licenses and implementation costs. Indirect costs often include administrator time and compliance attainment.


Companies that use a centralized management system help to simplify the overall administrative efforts of managing a mobile workforce. These tools also offer consolidated asset tracking and a single data repository along with detailed reporting.

Achieving business value

Supporting mobile technology in the workforce empowers employees and gives them the freedom to perform their work, often on their own devices. This helps employees to focus more on the performance of their job as opposed to manipulating technology, which can result in:

  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Enhanced business agility
  • Competitive advantage

Using a mobile management suite can also help to reduce the often mundane efforts of administrators and free them up to focus on more valuable business tasks, such as:

  • Preventing service disruptions
  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing overall business profitability
  • Introducing new IT services
  • Reaching certain business goals
  • Enhancing overall user experience
  • Improve IT service delivery

Ready to embrace mobile technology in your business?

Engaged employees, improved productivity and higher profits are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you mobilize your workforce. Learn more about creating strong but flexible policies that protect your data and give your employees the freedom to work where and when they need to. Contact us today.

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