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Businesses need to unify their infrastructure technology environment with a common identity across on–premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and the cloud, with deeply integrated capabilities for PC and mobile device management. Azure Active Directory Premium delivers robust identity and access management from the cloud, in sync with your existing on-premises deployments:

  • Cloud–based self–service password reset for your employees
  • Group Management, including user self–service management of groups
  • Group–based provisioning and access management for hundreds of Software as a Service applications
  • Machine learning–driven security reports to show log–in anomalies and other threats
  • Rich and robust synchronization of user identities from on–premises directories, including write back of changes
  • Reduce risk and support compliance requirements with comprehensive Multi–Factor Authentication (MFA) options

Azure Active Directory Premium

Azure Active Directory Premium for identity management:

Provides a Single Sign-on (SSO) for 1000s of SaaS applications, plus multi-factor authentication. Access control based on device health, user location and identity.

  • Manage identities in the cloud or extend an on-premises directory
    • Azure Active Directory Premium can be used as a standalone cloud directory or to extend on-premises identity and access management solutions you have into the cloud. In this case you can continue benefiting from your existing investments and on-premises capabilities while leveraging Azure AD to gain identity and access management in the cloud. Learn more.
  • Single sign-on to any app
    • Azure AD provides secure single sign-on to cloud and on-premises applications including Microsoft Office 365 and thousands of SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Workday, DocuSign, ServiceNow, and Box. Learn more about SaaS apps.
  • Works with any device
    • Users can launch applications from a personalized web-based access panel, mobile app, Office 365, or custom company portals using their existing work credentials—and have the same experience whether they’re working on iOS, Mac OS X, Android, or Windows devices.
  • Set rules for access to cloud resources
    • In addition, you can set rules and policies that control who has access to cloud applications and resources, and under what conditions. For example, you can require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and manage access based on the device or location. Learn more about Azure MFA.
  • Set rules for external access
    • External users can reach into the on-premises network behind the firewall, securely, by using the built-in Application Proxy. All of the rules and policies you set, including MFA, can be enforced for access to cloud applications or to legacy on-premises applications using Application Proxy – without the need to rewrite them or expose them directly on the internet. Publish applications using Azure Active Directory Application Proxy
  • Monitor your users’ access
    • Finally, Azure AD provides information about what is going on in your organization at your fingertips. With advanced reporting and analytics, you get unique information about your users’ access. For example, using application discovery, you can find out which applications are actively used in your organization. Learn more about Azure AD cloud app discovery.
  • Simple, consistent experience
    • End users get a simple experience, putting their profiles, applications, and their ability to manage their access to resources in one place, without any need for specialized training. Multi-factor authentication, SaaS applications, hybrid tools, and self-service capabilities are all ready to go.
    • Administrators have access to the Azure AD management portal and Windows PowerShell for comprehensive management.
    • Developers have a consistent set of RESTful APIs and easy access to publishing and consuming application interfaces.
  • Pick your flavor
    • Azure Active Directory pricing comes in a variety of  options including:
    • Azure AD Free edition, which is just a cloud directory service.
    • Azure AD Basic edition, which is a cloud directory service that also provides SaaS app access.
    • Azure AD Premium edition, which is a comprehensive, rule-driven, self-service managed directory service solution

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