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See How Azure Puts Protection, Flexibility, and Usability into Cloud Security

By Jason Milgram | Microsoft Azure MVP, VP Platform Architecture and Engineering Cloud security has made significant progress since the early days. Now, instead of going to the cloud despite the security issues, organizations are going there because of the security advantages. For many enterprises, it is now safer to store and process their data […]

2019-02-05 Blog

How to Leverage Microsoft Azure Security Center

Cloud technology is moving fast and that said, so is cloud security. Being able to keep on the latest information can be a bit of a challenge. However, this challenge is now being assisted by by a new book from Microsoft Press, “Microsoft Azure Security Center.”  Yuri Diogenes and Dr. Thomas W. Shinder are the […]

2018-09-27 Blog

Microsoft Intune adds support for third party certification

Microsoft Intune has the ability to issue certificates to devices using the Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP). SCEP is an industry standard protocol implemented by most certification authorities to simplify large scale certificate issuance. Microsoft recently had announced Intune support for SCEP request validation using third-party certification authorities. Entrust Datacard is the first Microsoft partner […]

2018-08-21 Blog

PingFederate now available for Azure AD Connect

As of today, Microsoft has announced that the integration of the PingFederate configuration with the Azure AD Connect wizard is GA. What does that mean? This offers PingFederate customers a easy and reliable way to federate on-premises Active Directory with Azure AD. With the configuration of PingFederate with Azure AD, it provides customers with secure […]

2018-08-06 Blog

New Ways to Manage Azure AD roles and administrators

As of today Microsoft has announced some brand new roles and administrator experience to help make managing and controlling user assignments much more easy. The new roles and administrators feature—which is now in preview—will provide you with a complete list and description of the built-in directory roles, a streamlined process to manage roles, and links […]

2018-07-30 Blog

Web client Remote Desktop Preview now with SSO

Microsoft has gotten a ton of feedback from their Remote Desktop web client public preview  to remove the credentials prompt when launching a connection.  That said, they decided to add that into the Remote Desktop preview before general availability and as of Monday a new version (0.9.0) was available for validation and feedback. Microsoft has […]

2018-07-11 Blog

Microsoft Introduced New Azure Password-Banning Tool

Azure AD Protection 6 days ago for public preview, Microsoft released the public preview of the new Azure Active Directory tool that will help admins kill off bad passwords in the enterprise. The tool, called Azure AD Password Protection, offers a new way of protecting Azure AD and Windows Server Active Directory accounts from users […]

2018-06-26 Blog

Azure AD app management roles in public preview now

Last week Microsoft announced the public preview of their new delegated app management role. If you have granted people the Global Administrator role for things like configuring enterprise applications, now you can move them to this lesser privileged role. Doing so will help improve your security posture and reduce the potential for unfortunate mistakes. Microsoft […]

2018-06-20 Blog

Preview Azure AD Conditional Access to block legacy authentication

Last week, Microsoft announced the availability to the public the preview of Azure AD Conditional Access support for blocking legacy authentication. You used to need to use ADFS to do this, however, by using conditional access to do this it is SO much simpler/better. Now you to can manage legacy authentication blocking as one part […]

2018-06-12 Blog

PingFederate in public preview for Azure AD

Last week Microsoft announced the public preview of the PingFederate configuration integration in the latest release of AADConnect. With this release customers can easily and reliably configure their Azure Active Directory environment to use PingFederate as their federation provider, and are excited to offer a more seamless integration experience to their customers. This combined with […]

2018-05-23 Blog

New Version of ATA Released

Microsoft recently announced the new release of Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) version 1.9. This release includes copious new features as well as performance enhancements, thus, making it an even more powerful security solution. Here are some of the exciting new ATA features available in v1.9: New Detection: Detect suspicious service creation on your domain […]

2018-05-02 Blog

Remote Desktop preview now in web client

Remote Desktop Preview At Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft had announced that a new web client is being developed to provide access to virtualized apps and desktops from a browser, without having the need to install a local client. Thus, providing a consistent experience across devices, minimizes installation or maintenance costs, and provides quick and easy access […]

2018-04-17 Blog

Easy Intune and SCCM Co-Management

SCCM and Intune Co-Managment for Windows 10 Figure 1 above is a graphical representation of a co-managed Windows 10 device. Transitioning to the modern cloud-based management of your Windows 10 devices? The current branch of SCCM (version 1710) now allows for the co-management of your Windows 10 devices with Intune. What co-management between SCCM and […]

2018-03-27 Blog

Improved Protection Stack for Azure Information Protection

Microsoft is always striving to make the process of protecting information easier and simpler for users and admins alike. Hence, to help with the initial step in protecting your information, Microsoft was happy to announce as of February 2018 all Azure Information Protection eligible tenants will have Azure Information Protection on by default. Organizations which […]

2018-03-13 Blog

Update 1801 for Configuration Manager Technical Preview Branch

Microsoft and their configuration team have a lot of exciting features coming in 2018. Right now, they are super stoked to let us know that update 1801 for the Technical Preview Branch of System Center Configuration Manager was just released. Technical Preview Branch releases give you an opportunity to try out new Configuration Manager features […]

2018-02-27 Blog

Using Wildcard in AD App Proxy

Howdy folks. We wanted to let you know about a cool new capability that improves the management experience for Azure AD Application Proxy. Drum roll… You can now use wildcards(*) to publish many applications at once. Wildcards will also let you apply the same settings such as authentication method and user assignment for each of […]

2018-02-09 Blog

Integrating Your VPN Connections with Microsoft ATA

VPN Connections A great many IT teams use Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections as a method to grant remote users access to corporate resources from outside the company’s network. A VPN connection provides employees flexibility by allowing them to work on the go and helps to increase productivity. VPN connections are fully encrypted, they are […]

2018-01-15 Blog

Improved App Launcher Experience in Azure AD

How about a user visiting your company’s Azure AD app launcher for the first time and finding exactly the apps they need to be productive and effective. No confusion or clutter.  Sounds like a dream scenario, correct? You’ve sent Microsoft more and more requests for features that allow you to better manage third-party apps as […]

2017-12-12 Blog

Detecting remote code execution with Microsoft ATA

Attackers can often use legitimate tools to take malicious actions. There have been recent incidents that have been perpetrated using a known technique known  as  Remote Code Execution (RCE) to spread malware inside a targeted network. This attack can be executed using legitimate tools such as WMIC and/or PSExec. In the screenshot you can see […]

2017-11-28 Blog

Updates on Microsoft Cloud App Security

Microsoft Cloud App Secruity Microsoft has been working diligently to deepen the integration between Azure Information Protection community and the Microsoft Cloud App Security to allow for expanded information protection scenarios that are important to you all. Azure Information Protection Update The current GA client is Nothing new to add,  The Next GA release […]

2017-11-09 Blog

It’s time to migrate v1.0 Azure AD Conditional Access policies to v2.0

Azure AD Conditional Access Policies Azure AD Conditional Access policies in the new Azure portal offer a powerful integrated experience to meet your organization’s security and compliance needs. As we approach the sunset date of Azure AD in the classic Azure portal, it’s important that you move from policies at an app level in the […]

2017-10-24 Blog

Azure Active Directory and Ignite 2017

What’s new with Azure Active Directory from Ignite 2017 Prior to Ignite 2017, Microsoft worked diligently to turn on new capabilities for Azure Active Directory.  That said, we wanted to recap that for you. The next wave of conditional access is now In June Microsoft introduced the general availability of the new conditional access admin […]

2017-10-03 Blog

Microsoft retiring the Azure Classic Portal

Azure AD admin center Since Microsoft  announced General Availability of the new Azure AD admin center  back in May,  it’s been used by well over 800,000 users from 500,000 organizations in almost every country in the world. This new admin center is the future for administration of Azure AD. Microsoft has been listening to the […]

2017-09-25 Blog

New Feature in Cloud App Security

Cloud App Security: Require users to sign in again in case of suspicious behavior Real-time remediation for security threats is a key challenge for companies, where attackers can move quickly to access critical data. Cloud App Security team is excited to introduce a new feature for threat protection through integration with Azure Active Directory: when […]

2017-09-06 Blog

Now in InTune… Role Based Access Control

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) has been a favorite feature for the System Center Configuration Manager community since it was introduced, and now it’s available in Intune. RBAC in Intune allows you to easily define who can perform various Intune tasks within your organization, and who those tasks apply to. RBAC gives you greater flexibility […]

2017-08-16 Blog

The new Azure AD and Microsoft Sign-in Experience for Public Preview

Microsoft has been continuing to make progress on converging the Azure AD and Microsoft account identity systems. One of the big steps on this journey is to redesign the sign-in UI so both systems look consistent. On August 2nd, Microsoft was stoked to announce that this updated design is in public preview!   This is […]

2017-08-10 Blog

Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) and Advanced Threat Analytics

Ransomware and Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) The rise of ransomware and its media presence in recent months has highlighted, perhaps now more than ever, the importance of robust security systems to detect and respond to devious and evolving threats. Extortion via ransomware is a big scare tactic – after all, victims can be of […]

2017-07-31 Blog

Azure AD Power BI content pack updates

Back in January Microsoft had announced the integration of Azure Active Directory APIs with Power BI. This integration makes it easy to download pre-built content packs that give you visibility into everything happening in your Azure Active Directory tenant.   This content pack has been super popular, and Microsoft has received a ton of requests […]

2017-07-14 Blog

InTune MAM for Microsoft Visio Viewer App for iOS

Microsoft Visio Viewer App Diagrams help visually communicate information—they are excellent tools for demonstrating relationships between parts, simplifying complex ideas, articulating process, and explaining how things work. And they often contain sensitive company data that you want to protect.   If your users are creating or viewing diagrams in their work, they’re most likely using […]

2017-06-07 Blog

Check Out The Newly Released Azure AD Admin Console: Now Generally Available for Users

The new Azure AD Console for Admins Microsoft kicked off the public preview of their new Azure AD console at and since over 750k admins from 500k organizations have tried it out.   This has been a huge effort across the entire Microsoft Identity Division and they  are looking forward to having us use […]

2017-05-24 Blog

Azure AD Pass Through Authentication are live

If you are into Azure AD you’ll probably recall that Microsoft had announced pass-through authentication and seamless single sign-on in Azure AD at the end of last year. These features make it easy and fast to deliver world class end user sign-in experiences with Azure AD. There are a few improvements Microsoft has made that […]

2017-05-09 Blog

No Passwords for Phone sign in with Microsoft Accounts

Passwords? We don’t like passwords any more than you do! So that is why Microsoft has been diligently creating a modern way to sign in that doesn’t require upper and lowercase letters, numbers, a special character, and your favorite emoji. And after a soft launch last month, Microsoft was excited to announce the GA newest […]

2017-05-03 Blog

Azure Active Directory B2B collaboration

Azure Active Directory B2B collaboration now generally available Azure AD B2B collaboration is generally available now and is part of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). Businesses are increasingly dispersed, mobile, and collaborative, relying on wide range of vendors, partners, and contractors to stay nimble and capitalize on changing markets. Azure Active Directory (AD) is […]

2017-04-14 Blog

New EMS and Skycure Integration Helps Ensure Devices are Risk Free

New EMS and Skycure integration helps ensure devices are risk free before accessing corporate resources   On 3/27 Microsoft was thrilled to announce the general availability of their integration with Skycure, a leader in the mobile threat defense space. The integration between Skycure and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security gives organizations more confidence that devices […]

2017-03-30 Blog

Connecting With Microsoft Graph API

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security and the Microsoft Graph API Across the more than forty thousand customers that Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) serves today, there’s a notable diversity in how they organize their IT resources to enable mobile productivity for their workforce. Each customer uniquely defines their mobile strategy and IT structure through a […]

2017-03-21 Blog

Azure Information Protection: Get ready to set and protect

Azure Information Protection With the adoption of mobility and cloud services, data is traveling to more locations than ever before. While it has helped users become more productive and collaborative, securing and monitoring the data has become harder. Our goal with this blog is to help you address some of these information protection challenges regardless […]

2017-03-14 Blog

Introducing Azure Active Directory and SailPoint

Microsoft has worked closely with their largest customers in highly regulated industries like healthcare, financial services etc., helping them to successfully deploy and  actively use Azure AD Premium. Because of this close partnering, in order to meet their unique security and compliance requirements, they need some pretty advanced access governance controls across their on-premises and […]

2017-02-21 Blog

Azure MFA cloud based protection for on-premises VPNs is now in public preview!

Preview Azure MFA One of the top requests we hear from our customers is to be able to secure their on-premises VPNs using Azure AD and our cloud-based MFA service. On 2/6 Microsoft was announcing the public preview of NPS Extension support in Azure MFA. This cool enhancement gives you the ability to protect your […]

2017-02-08 Blog

Microsoft Intune 2016 – the year in review

Microsoft Intune 2016 Where you are today is not where you will be tomorrow. Things change fast these days. Regardless of your industry, you’re always in motion – evolving and adapting to the shifting needs of your business and workforce. Microsoft Intune 2016  gives you a diverse set of tools for managing your complex mobile […]

2017-01-31 Blog

Eliminate Plaintext Passwords With Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics Using LDAP

Introduction to Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics:  It is incredibly important to identify applications, servers, and sensitive accounts that should be using encryption. What we find all too frequently, however, is that passwords are being sent in plaintext in most enterprises. Here’s what you need to know about identifying these vulnerabilities and, more importantly, how to […]

2017-01-09 Blog

Do you need a cloud access security broker (CASB) in addition to your firewall?

Why do I need a cloud access security broker (CASB) when I have my trusted firewall? A CASB will help you protect your cloud and SaaS apps from cybersecurity attacks, insider threats, and potential data loss.   Firewalls vs Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)   Firewalls are like your front line perimeter of protection. They […]

2017-01-03 Blog

Will Advanced Threat Analytics help me with all OS?

Will Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) help me detect suspicious activity on my network, regardless of the operating systems in my environment? “YES!” is the short answer. Any user or entity that connects to the network via Active Directory (AD), queries the DNS servers, or authenticates with AD is inspected for anomalous activities, regardless of the […]

2016-12-20 Blog

New Features Coming to Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)   With Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) we continue to build on identity at the core of the solution to maximize your employees’ productivity while at the same time providing the necessary capabilities across security, management of devices and apps, and information protection to ensure that your critical […]

2016-12-12 Blog

Azure Information Protection and Cloud App Security Integration

Cloud App Security: Extend Control Over Your Data to the Cloud At Ignite, Microsoft had showcased the integration between Cloud App Security and Azure Information Protection in the Cloud App Security session and Azure Information Protection session. We are excited to share more about this integration and also demonstrate how it helps in extending security […]

2016-11-16 Blog

How to protect your business in a mobile world

Mobile technology promises big rewards Mobile Technology…Check this out… Mobility can offer major business gains by allowing workers to be productive and work together anywhere. In a recent study about how mobility benefits businesses, 77% said mobility helps drive growth and 61% said that it boosts productivity.   What About Data Security? With work being […]

2016-11-04 Blog

Microsoft Identity-Driven Security: Protect From User Mistakes

The more visibility and control you have into your environment, the more you can keep it safely secured. Microsoft Identity-Driven Security offers deep visibility and strong data controls for the cloud apps your employees use, giving you complete context and granular-level policies. You attain the ability to classify and label files at creation, track their […]

2016-10-20 Blog

EMS renamed to Enterprise Mobility + Security

The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite or EMS for short will remain roughly the same Identity-driven security solution current customers have become familiar with.   For those unfamiliar with EMS, Microsoft has provided a brief overview of the service as follows: Microsoft renames Enterprise Mobility Suite to Enterprise Mobility + Security – WinBeta   Protect at […]

2016-10-10 Blog

What you Need to Know About Microsoft Intune

What is Intune? Microsoft Intune is the “management arm” of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS, formerly known as Enterprise Mobility Suite). Enterprise mobility is about providing a means to all of your employees to be productive on all of their devices but, at the same time, keeping your organization’s information protected.   EMS as […]

2016-10-04 Blog

Protect your data with conditional access from Enterprise Mobility + Security

With smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs, people have an increasing number of options for getting and staying connected at any time. Users expect the freedom to access their corporate email and documents from anywhere on any device–and they expect the experience to be seamless and modern. This means IT needs to make sure that corporate […]

2016-09-30 Blog

Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) Behavior Analysis Monitoring

Primer ATA analyzes and learns user and entity behavior by aggregating data from various data sources, such as deep packet inspection of domain-controller traffic, windows events, and data provided by SIEM systems. After ATA begins gathering information about Active Directory traffic and correlating that information with AD components, it will then scan for abnormal behavior […]

2016-07-13 Blog

Canada Gets Its Own Cloud Infrastructure with Dedicated Microsoft Azure Canada

Canada, as a major sovereign entity in the world, has confidential data that it must protect. Government and public sector organizations must ensure that the storage and processing of such data comply with Canadian requirements. At the same time, cloud computing with its limitless potential offers advantages not only to government agencies, but also to […]

2016-06-08 Blog

Building AI Applications that Work with Faces and Feelings, No Longer Science Fiction

    The goal of humanizing software and systems is a long-standing one. Decades ago, smart minds were already arguing about what would make a computer behave more like a person. Turing, Minsky, Searle, and other thought leaders offered insights, tests, and (don’t run away, now) philosophies about the possibility of a computer’s psyche. Artificial […]

2016-06-02 Blog

Detecting threats with Azure Security Center

  The past five years have seen the emergence of various cloud services and the trend is only growing stronger. As expected, attackers have been fast to leverage this trend and execute attacks. While some of the attack techniques we’ve seen are new, and are the direct result of new technologies and DevOps culture that […]

2016-06-02 Blog

Take a Look At Azure Test Drives in preview

    This year at //Build 2016 there happens to be a number of fantastic announcements. One of these NEW announcements was the public preview of Azure Test Drives. Test drives are frictionless trials of pre-configured Virtual Machines in Azure. Test drive images provide simple sandbox environments to evaluate third-party solutions from a wide range […]

2016-05-18 Blog

Azure Data Factory for Users of Hadoop

If you are a Hadoop user, you might want to consider Azure Data Factory. Today, data is a serious problem for a number of different companies. Because data can be generated from so many different sources, such as smartphones, smart watches, tablets, computers, and more, the volume is astronomical. It is becoming quite a challenge. […]

2016-05-03 Blog

What You Can Learn from Hillary Clinton’s BYOD Challenges

Blurred data borders, BYOD, and information leakage – how will you cope? Does it shock you to hear that prominent public sector officials and politicians are handling classified information on unofficial devices? The recent disclosures about Hillary Clinton’s transmission of government data via her own email server have caused a furor. Was it wrong? Was […]

2016-04-27 Blog

All About Azure Event Hubs

Azure Event Hubs are truly offering “hubs” for the Azure portal. This technology offers technology through which staggering amounts of data can be processed and then made available for analysis and/or storage. This data can come from a variety of sources, which can include websites, mobile devices and even machines. Due to the fact that […]

2016-04-13 Blog

A step-by-step guide to help your end users through the device enrollment process.

Selecting Intune as your MDM solution is the first of several steps to protect your corporate data while enabling a great end-user experience.  As you progress towards deployment, you’ll need to make sure you are taking the appropriate steps to make it easy for your end users to enroll their devices into Microsoft Intune.   […]

2016-04-07 Blog

Decoding the Tech-Speak to see if Azure Data Factory is Right For You

You’ve heard about Azure Data Factory or ADF, and the idea of automating a large chunk of your data processing in the cloud intrigues you. However, you’re feeling a little daunted by the prospect of the corporate PR and tech-marketing language that goes with it. For example, what on earth is the “data lineage” that […]

2016-04-05 Blog

How to Get Fast Insights on Security Threats with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) Advanced Threat Analytics

Introducing Advanced Threat Analytics.  An on-premises solution to identify advanced security attacks before they cause damage. The frequency and sophistication of cyber-security attacks are getting worse.  Watch the replay of MessageOps webinar on March 8th to learn more about the changing nature of attacks and how Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics work. Click here to watch […]

2016-04-01 Blog

New Identity and Security Innovations for your Enterprise

For certain, Microsoft has a strong, lasting commitment to help its customers stay secure. Microsoft recently posted the following announcement about new identity and security innovations coming soon. Protecting identities is at the foundation of how we secure and manage users, devices, apps, and data with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). In a world […]

2016-03-22 Blog

How to run Elasticsearch on Azure

What is elasticsearch? Elasticsearch is a scalable open source search engine and database that has been gaining increasing popularity among developers building cloud-based systems. When properly configured, it is capable of ingesting and efficiently querying large volumes of data super quickly. It is very straightforward to build and deploy an Elasticsearch cluster on to Azure. What you […]

2016-03-03 Blog

The Latest and Greatest Updates to Microsoft Intune

As of this month there has been plenty of changes made to  Microsoft Intune.   Changes and updates to the Microsoft Company Portal The following changes have been made to the Company Portal in this release.   Within the latest release for the Android app are the following new features: New screens have been added […]

2016-02-25 Blog

The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite Needs to Be Renamed: Here’s Why

Calling it a mobility suite discounts all the other amazing features Microsoft offers   We live in a world of acronyms. If we can make it shorter and say it faster, that’s what happens. Customers often do this to companies, whether those companies like it or not. All the money spent coming up with a […]

2016-01-27 Blog

Advanced Threat Detection: Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (Part 4)

How Microsoft keeps your data protected   Your infrastructure is moving to the cloud. So are concerns about protecting your infrastructure there. You can’t turn your back on the protection you still need on-premises. Don’t worry, Microsoft has got you covered.   The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite was created for the cloud, but it keeps one […]

2016-01-20 Blog

Device and Application Management: Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (Part 3)

Save IT resources and make managing your mobile workforce a cinch   It was easier back then. IT departments had to worry about application management in just one place. Everything was on-premises. Back then wasn’t all that long ago, either.   Fast forward to right now: Application management extends far outside your own network perimeter. […]

2016-01-13 Blog

Top 10 MessageOps Mobility Blogs in 2015

So much to read and so little time. We’ve made it easy and put together 10 of our most read blogs for 2015. Happy reading.  Real-World Mobile Device Security Practices: 447 organizations across a spectrum of industries were recently polled in thisfirst annual survey of mobile device policies to gain insight into the common practices being employed […]

2016-01-07 Blog

Information Protection: Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (Part 2)

Who’s really accessing your company’s most valuable data?   It’s a BYOD party at many enterprises today, and that’s causing serious security issues. Employees will not be parted with their personal mobile devices. They expect to use them as productivity tools at the office.   Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) gives you the power to […]

2015-12-13 Blog

Mobile Device Password Policies: How Does Yours Compare?

Discover how other businesses are securing their mobile work environments and what best practices you should be following   Managing mobile devices in the workplace is a significant challenge for IT administrators around the globe. While mobility in the workplace has led to increased employee satisfaction and productivity, it has not come without its challenges. […]

2015-12-11 Blog

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (Part 1): Identity and Access Management in the Cloud

From single sign-on to multi-factor authentication, here’s how Azure Active Directory Premium supports mobile security   Talk about an identity crisis. People live in a world today where the entry to just about everything is a username and a password. Keeping track of them is a headache. If you’re an IT administrator, you’ve come to […]

2015-12-08 Blog

Real-World Mobile Security Remedies That Actually Work: An Infographic

See key takeaways from our groundbreaking report on how businesses are securing mobile devices in the workplace   Mobile security is a challenge and a priority for corporate IT administrators. Security risks are real—and costly—yet less than half of businesses have a formal BYOD security policy. If you’re wondering how your peers tackle mobile security, […]

2015-12-08 Blog

BYOD for Schools: Setting a Policy That Students and Teachers Can Work With

How to protect confidential data while ensuring teachers and students have enough flexibility to foster a rich learning environment   When most of us think of BYOD policies, we often think about how they affect businesses. While companies need robust BYOD policies, it’s just as important for schools to have robust BYOD policies to ensure […]

2015-12-02 Blog

5 Necessary Policies for Businesses Embracing Mobile Technology

While mobile workplaces are becoming increasingly popular, they can’t just be thrown together willy-nilly   Employees are looking to utilize mobile technology more than ever before. This is especially the case among Millennials, who are often willing to give something up in exchange for the ability to work remotely. If your business is toying with […]

2015-11-25 Blog

Mobile Device Policy Report

Real-World Mobile Device Security Practices: A comprehensive survey of how businesses are securing mobile devices in the workplace – FREE Mobile Device Policy Report   447 organizations across a spectrum of industries were recently polled in this first annual survey of mobile device policies to gain insight into the common practices being employed to secure […]

2015-11-12 Blog

International Privacy Controls for the Cloud

Microsoft stepping up to the plate to ensure enterprise security in the cloud From the moment businesses began to use the cloud to store critical data, privacy has always been of the utmost importance. When data begins to be stored by customers in different countries, international privacy laws and controls quickly come into play. Earlier […]

2015-11-10 Blog

Cybersecurity Isn’t Just an IT Checklist—It’s Organizational

Companies need to stop viewing cybersecurity as problem for IT—here’s why   IT departments often become a bit skittish when a security team performs a vulnerability assessment. While you would think that the IT department would be afraid that vulnerabilities would be found, this largely isn’t the case. Most IT departments admit that vulnerabilities exist […]

2015-11-04 Blog

Microsoft EMS Isn’t Just for Mobility

Most companies should take a hard look at the versatile security solutions of Microsoft EMS   While the name of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) indicates that it’s primarily geared toward mobile devices, it actually offers a much larger suite of services for all devices. Learn why this comprehensive offering of four robust solutions is […]

2015-11-02 Blog

How to Identify Security Threats Before They Cause Damage

Is your IT team prepared to deal with the ever-changing landscape of cyber attacks?   As data breaches become an increasing threat to almost every organization, companies are looking for ways to identify security threats before they can cause major damage. With the stark statistic that attackers spend an average of 200+ days inside a […]

2015-10-28 Blog

MessageOps’ New Office 365 Adoption Platform is Helping Businesses Get the Most of Their Subscription

70 percent of Fortune 500 companies have purchased Office 365 in the within the last year As featured on   Microsoft seems to be reinvigorating its push into business sectors, fully equipped with renewed hardware and software solutions. Similar to the crawl-like pace of adoption most companies execute on, Microsoft’s software and hardware solutions […]

2015-10-23 Blog

Workforce Management Trends That Will Impact IT in 2016

How can employers maintain security as the remote workforce continues to grow?   No longer does the term “work” have to involve employees sitting behind a desk for 40 hours each week. As more millennials enter the workforce, many employers are learning that more flexible schedules and remote working arrangements are more than desired—they’re expected. […]

2015-10-21 Blog

How to Secure Your Organization’s Mobile Work Environment

Sound BYOD policies are important to the success of an organization’s mobile workforce.   Smartphones and tablets are standard tools used by employees to store sensitive business data as well as perform a variety of functions including email while on the move. With employees always wanting to have the latest gadgets, employers have began to […]

2015-10-08 Blog

Active Segmentation Can Effectively Control Access and Improve Security

Mitigate the threat of hackers by defining which employees have access to what information   As data breaches continue to litter the news cycle, companies of all sizes are worried about whether they’re protected in the event they’re attacked. Security experts are quick to claim that it’s not a matter of if your network will […]

2015-10-01 Blog

Establishing a Secure Framework for BYOD Policies

This work-anywhere employee perk can become a security nightmare for IT without a strong BYOD policy Many organizations have found that allowing employees to use their own devices at work leads to increased satisfaction, greater responsiveness and better accessibility to workers. While this is all good news for employees, it creates a challenge for IT […]

2015-09-29 Blog

Managing the Cloud: How to Identify Users and Control Access

Giving the right people the right amount of access at the right time As companies evolve, the technology controlling access and users becomes quite complicated. With many companies looking to the cloud as a mechanism to host data as well as integral applications, controlling user access becomes important for cost savings, operational efficiency, management control […]

2015-09-23 Blog

How To Manage the Risks of a Mobile Workforce

How will your company respond to the security challenges of a mobile workforce? While there are most definitely risks associated with a BYOD workplace, many organizations have decided that the benefits outweigh the negatives. Employees who are allowed to utilize their own devices often are happier in their jobs and more productive. So how can […]

2015-09-17 Blog

Enterprise Mobility Management and Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

How much of your classified data can an attacker collect in 200 days? 200+ days. That’s the average amount of time it takes to detect an attacker residing inside your network while they gather classified data and information. Cybersecurity is no longer just an issue for IT departments. Now even the highest level executives need […]

2015-09-03 Blog