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See How Azure Puts Protection, Flexibility, and Usability into Cloud Security

By Jason Milgram | Microsoft Azure MVP, VP Platform Architecture and Engineering

Cloud security has made significant progress since the early days. Now, instead of going to the cloud despite the security issues, organizations are going there because of the security advantages. For many enterprises, it is now safer to store and process their data in […]

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How to Leverage Microsoft Azure Security Center

Cloud technology is moving fast and that said, so is cloud security. Being able to keep on the latest information can be a bit of a challenge. However, this challenge is now being assisted by by a new book from Microsoft Press, “Microsoft Azure Security Center.”  Yuri Diogenes and Dr. Thomas W. Shinder are the […]

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Microsoft Intune adds support for third party certification

Microsoft Intune has the ability to issue certificates to devices using the Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP). SCEP is an industry standard protocol implemented by most certification authorities to simplify large scale certificate issuance. Microsoft recently had announced Intune support for SCEP request validation using third-party certification authorities. Entrust Datacard is the first Microsoft partner […]

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PingFederate now available for Azure AD Connect

As of today, Microsoft has announced that the integration of the PingFederate configuration with the Azure AD Connect wizard is GA. What does that mean? This offers PingFederate customers a easy and reliable way to federate on-premises Active Directory with Azure AD. With the configuration of PingFederate with Azure AD, it provides customers with secure […]

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New Ways to Manage Azure AD roles and administrators

As of today Microsoft has announced some brand new roles and administrator experience to help make managing and controlling user assignments much more easy. The new roles and administrators feature—which is now in preview—will provide you with a complete list and description of the built-in directory roles, a streamlined process to manage roles, and links […]

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Web client Remote Desktop Preview now with SSO

Microsoft has gotten a ton of feedback from their Remote Desktop web client public preview  to remove the credentials prompt when launching a connection.  That said, they decided to add that into the Remote Desktop preview before general availability and as of Monday a new version (0.9.0) was available for validation and feedback.

Microsoft has also […]

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Microsoft Introduced New Azure Password-Banning Tool

Azure AD Protection
6 days ago for public preview, Microsoft released the public preview of the new Azure Active Directory tool that will help admins kill off bad passwords in the enterprise. The tool, called Azure AD Password Protection, offers a new way of protecting Azure AD and Windows Server Active Directory accounts from users with […]

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Azure AD app management roles in public preview now

Last week Microsoft announced the public preview of their new delegated app management role.
If you have granted people the Global Administrator role for things like configuring enterprise applications, now you can move them to this lesser privileged role. Doing so will help improve your security posture and reduce the potential for unfortunate mistakes.

Microsoft has added […]

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Preview Azure AD Conditional Access to block legacy authentication

Last week, Microsoft announced the availability to the public the preview of Azure AD Conditional Access support for blocking legacy authentication. You used to need to use ADFS to do this, however, by using conditional access to do this it is SO much simpler/better. Now you to can manage legacy authentication blocking as one part […]

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PingFederate in public preview for Azure AD

Last week Microsoft announced the public preview of the PingFederate configuration integration in the latest release of AADConnect. With this release customers can easily and reliably configure their Azure Active Directory environment to use PingFederate as their federation provider, and are excited to offer a more seamless integration experience to their customers.

This combined with […]

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