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Connecting With Microsoft Graph API

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security and the Microsoft Graph API
Across the more than forty thousand customers that Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) serves today, there’s a notable diversity in how they organize their IT resources to enable mobile productivity for their workforce. Each customer uniquely defines their mobile strategy and IT structure through a series […]

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Eliminate Plaintext Passwords With Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics Using LDAP

Introduction to Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics:  It is incredibly important to identify applications, servers, and sensitive accounts that should be using encryption. What we find all too frequently, however, is that passwords are being sent in plaintext in most enterprises. Here’s what you need to know about identifying these vulnerabilities and, more importantly, how to […]

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Do you need a cloud access security broker (CASB) in addition to your firewall?

Why do I need a cloud access security broker (CASB) when I have my trusted firewall? A CASB will help you protect your cloud and SaaS apps from cybersecurity attacks, insider threats, and potential data loss.

Firewalls vs Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Firewalls are like your front line perimeter of protection. They show you the category […]

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Will Advanced Threat Analytics help me with all OS?

Will Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) help me detect suspicious activity on my network, regardless of the operating systems in my environment? “YES!” is the short answer. Any user or entity that connects to the network via Active Directory (AD), queries the DNS servers, or authenticates with AD is inspected for anomalous activities, regardless of the […]

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New Features Coming to Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

With Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) we continue to build on identity at the core of the solution to maximize your employees’ productivity while at the same time providing the necessary capabilities across security, management of devices and apps, and information protection to ensure that your critical company data […]

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Azure Information Protection and Cloud App Security Integration

Cloud App Security: Extend Control Over Your Data to the Cloud
At Ignite, Microsoft had showcased the integration between Cloud App Security and Azure Information Protection in the Cloud App Security session and Azure Information Protection session. We are excited to share more about this integration and also demonstrate how it helps in extending security for […]

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How to protect your business in a mobile world

Mobile technology promises big rewards
Mobile Technology…Check this out… Mobility can offer major business gains by allowing workers to be productive and work together anywhere. In a recent study about how mobility benefits businesses, 77% said mobility helps drive growth and 61% said that it boosts productivity.


What About Data Security?
With work being done beyond the walls […]

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EMS renamed to Enterprise Mobility + Security

The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite or EMS for short will remain roughly the same Identity-driven security solution current customers have become familiar with.


For those unfamiliar with EMS, Microsoft has provided a brief overview of the service as follows:
Microsoft renames Enterprise Mobility Suite to Enterprise Mobility + Security – WinBeta


Protect at the front door

Our solution starts […]

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New Identity and Security Innovations for your Enterprise

For certain, Microsoft has a strong, lasting commitment to help its customers stay secure.

Microsoft recently posted the following announcement about new identity and security innovations coming soon.

Protecting identities is at the foundation of how we secure and manage users, devices, apps, and data with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). In a world of the […]

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How to run Elasticsearch on Azure

What is elasticsearch? Elasticsearch is a scalable open source search engine and database that has been gaining increasing popularity among developers building cloud-based systems. When properly configured, it is capable of ingesting and efficiently querying large volumes of data super quickly.

It is very straightforward to build and deploy an Elasticsearch cluster on to Azure. What you can […]

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