Cybersecurity Isn’t Just an IT Checklist—It’s Organizational

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Cybersecurity Isn’t Just an IT Checklist—It’s Organizational on

Companies need to stop viewing cybersecurity as problem for IT—here’s why


IT departments often become a bit skittish when a security team performs a vulnerability assessment. While you would think that the IT department would be afraid that vulnerabilities would be found, this largely isn’t the case. Most IT departments admit that vulnerabilities exist in just about every organization.


The reality is that IT leaders are more concerned by how management will react to that discovery. Many managers will be quick to blame the IT department for these issues, when in reality the company as a whole is at fault.


As work culture changes to favor remote working arrangements and mobile access, cybersecurity becomes more than an issue for the IT department; it becomes an organizational issue that should be handled with an intense focus from high-level management all the way down to the lowest level employee in an organization.

Creating organizational policy is key

Depending on the size of the organization, management or board members need to find ways to ensure an effective cybersecurity policy is developed and implemented throughout the company. While some organizations may think that this role should be handled by IT alone, it’s important that management understand that cybersecurity is so important to the overall survival of a business that any directives must be handed down from the top.


If management doesn’t buy into the need for strong cybersecurity policies, it’s important to bring in third-party consultants who can educate high level managers or board members about the real threats that exist in today’s highly connected marketplace.

Change in culture can improve cybersecurity

It is also important for management to instill confidence in their IT team. In today’s large organizations, IT staff members are typically spread extremely thin. It’s up to upper management to ensure the IT staff understands that cyber threats are not just ‘their’ problem.


An IT department that feels confident that upper management respects and listens to them will do much better work for the entire organization and will likely be more motivated to unearth potential cybersecurity threats.


Aside from the IT department, it’s also important for all employees to understand the importance of cybersecurity within an organization. Create training sessions where skilled experts are able to explain what can happen when cyber threats make their way into an organization. By stressing the importance of cybersecurity policies to lower levels of an organization you can ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to protecting the company and keeping data secure.

Today, information security is everyone’s problem

Companies that are leaving information security in the hands of only their IT departments are opening themselves up to significant issues. When it comes to securing your mobile work environment, MessageOps can help you build a framework that meets both your IT and business needs so you can successfully operate within a secure framework. Request a consultation with our enterprise mobility experts to learn more about our process.

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