Device and Application Management: Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (Part 3)

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Device and Application Management: Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (Part 3) on

Save IT resources and make managing your mobile workforce a cinch


It was easier back then. IT departments had to worry about application management in just one place. Everything was on-premises. Back then wasn’t all that long ago, either.


Fast forward to right now: Application management extends far outside your own network perimeter. Your users connect to public and private clouds, and they do it with smartphones and tablets. They keep sensitive information on the cloud and on those devices. It’s your responsibility to secure all of it. There’s a unified solution from Microsoft. Is it any surprise that it lives in the cloud, too?

Out with the old

The old ways of doing it don’t work. Device and application management relied on on-premise technologies. Migration to a cloud-based solution is the obvious option.


That solution is made even more simple if your users already use Microsoft applications. The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) hands you the keys for all the components. Device and application management is handled with cloud-based solutions.

Delivering choice

Now, you have two types of devices to manage. There are corporate-owned devices. Then there are all the personal PCs and mobile devices your users bring to the BYOD party.


Microsoft’s EMS solution solves the complexity with a combined management system. It’s both on-premise and in the cloud. You manage mobile devices and applications, no matter where they are, from a unified console.

The anywhere, anytime workforce

Productivity requires employees to work from anywhere. Mobile devices get that done. It fuels innovation and profits, but it’s a challenge for IT administrators. Keeping corporate information out of the hands of the wrong people has exploded in scope.


It’s easy to manage with Microsoft Intune. The solution puts application and device management completely in the cloud if that’s your strategy. It also lets you continue to manage the process on-premise. Or, a combination of both.


Microsoft also has pushed this device management directly into Office mobile apps. You can extend those same management capabilities to your own applications with the Intune App Wrapping Tool.

Efficient management

Microsoft’s EMS solution consolidates three important areas of manageability for you. Identity management and information protection are two areas. They both require you to be successful with device management. Here’s how EMS proves its value in that arena:

  • You can deliver and manage apps across iOS, Android, Windows and Windows phones. It’s handled by a single management console.
  • You can simplify administration by deploying apps automatically when you enroll a new user. They install the apps themselves with a self-service company portal.
  • Office mobile apps are easily managed. You can secure sensitive company data by restricting actions such as copy/cut/paste/save.
  • You can deploy certificates, email profiles, and VPN or WiFi access to any enrolled device. Users don’t have to bring their devices to you.
  • You can perform remote operations on mobile devices. If someone needs a passcode reset, you can push it out to them. Or, you can lock a device so it can’t be used.
  • You can remove access to data or applications for mobile devices, without having to touch them.
  • You have consistent management across all devices located either on-premises or in the cloud. Employees appreciate the recognizable and comfortable user experience on all their devices.

All signs point to the cloud

Have your data and applications move to the cloud? That’s where device and application management needs to move, too.


Microsoft’s cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Suite saves IT resources and makes managing the growing number of personal mobile devices needing access to your systems an easy process. It solves the security problems that BYOD party brings to your company.


To learn more about how Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite can support your mobile workforce, give MessageOps a call today at 877-788-1617.

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