How to Identify Security Threats Before They Cause Damage

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How to Identify Security Threats Before They Cause Damage on

Is your IT team prepared to deal with the ever-changing landscape of cyber attacks?


As data breaches become an increasing threat to almost every organization, companies are looking for ways to identify security threats before they can cause major damage. With the stark statistic that attackers spend an average of 200+ days inside a corporate network before doing any damage, it’s obvious that identifying and combating data attacks before they happen is ideal.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics was built on the need for a solution that identifies breaches and threats using complex behavioral analysis to provide a clear and actionable report to members across all levels of an organization. The benefits of MS ATA are many, including:

Early detection

Using a sophisticated algorithm, Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics works 24/7 to help you spot suspicious activities within your network through behavioral profiling. ATA also is able to identify security issues and thwart advanced attacks.

Simple attack timelines

Traditional security tools require your IT team to sift through loads of reports looking for small pieces of information that may indicate a security issue. This process can become overwhelming and due to the sheer amount of information, important signs can easily be missed.


With ATA you’ll have a simple attack timeline that provides the exact pieces of information that you need in one place. Aside from the attack timeline, ATA also offers investigation recommendations as well as remediation steps for each suspicious activity.

Constantly adapting to changing environments

One of the biggest benefits of using a tool like ATA is its ability to continuously learn from the behavior of users, resources and devices on a network. As an attackers tactics become more complicated, ATA adapts to changing cybersecurity attacks with complex, continuously-improving behavioral analytics.

Reduce number of false positives

Traditional IT security tools simply cannot handle the large amounts of data in most organizations and therefore often turn up red flags that are not valid. With Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, these red flags happen only once suspicious activities are contextually proven. The ATA detection engine also guides you throughout the entire process, asking questions to adjust the detection process based on your input.

More reasons you’ll love MS Advanced Threat Analytics

  • Mobile support: No matter where your proprietary information resides, ATA can protect it, including on mobile devices outside of the corporate network.
  • Email alerts: Configure ATA to send emails to specific users or groups when suspicious activity is detected.
  • Simple deployment: ATA can act as either a hardware or virtual appliance. It utilizes port forwarding for seamless deployment with Active Directory without affecting existing network infrastructure.
  • Organizational security graph: ATA provides a comprehensive map of interactions between entities and how those entities relate to users, devices and resources.

Ready to secure your company’s future?

Cybersecurity is an issue affecting every business, small or large, across the entire planet. No matter the size of an organization, a sophisticated data breach can be crippling and extremely costly. Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics allows organizations to spot and respond to attacks as quickly as possible to help mitigate costly damage.


Is your business doing all that it can to prevent cyber attacks? If not, it’s likely time to call in our team of security experts for help securing your most important data and applications.

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