The Latest and Greatest Updates to Microsoft Intune

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As of this month there has been plenty of changes made to  Microsoft Intune.


Changes and updates to the Microsoft Company Portal

The following changes have been made to the Company Portal in this release.


Within the latest release for the Android app are the following new features:

  • New screens have been added to guide users through the enrollment process and provide more information about why users should enroll and what IT administrators can and can’€™t see on their enrolled devices. See the enrollment instructions for details.
  • The Enrollment error messages are now displaying in the Company Portal app. In the previous release, these messages appeared in the Company Portal website. What this change means, is that all error messages now appear in just one centralized place instead of two different places.

These updates were also implemented on the iOS Company Portal as well.

Let’s Take Advantage of the Windows 10 Features

  • Conditional access with Health Attestation Service
    Intune administrators can now view the status of Windows 10 Device Health Attestation in the Intune Admin console.
  • Windows 10 Passport for Work Policy and certificate management
    With this iteration of Intune, you can now integrate with Microsoft Passport for Work, which is an alternative login method for Windows 10 that makes use of Active Directory or an Azure Active Directory account to replace a password, smart card, or virtual smart card.
  • VPN for specific apps
    Select apps that automatically connect to your corporate network over VPN. Create a list of apps when you set up the VPN profile, as described in Help users connect to their work using VPN profiles with Microsoft Intune.
  • Windows 10 Full Wipe support
    Issue a remote full wipe of Windows 10 desktop devices enrolled in Intune through the Intune admin console. Windows 10 full wipe does a complete factory reset of your device.
  • There was also an Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) update so now Intune can help manage apps you purchased through the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for Business. This update includes synchronizing license information between Apple and Intune, and tracking how many versions of each app you have deployed.
  • Use your IMEI numbers can identify corporate-owned devices
  • Thare are now more apps that are compatible with Intune MAM policies
  • IE9 support ended in January for Microsoft Intune. You will need to migrate to version 10 or later of Internet Explorer.
  • When managing your Windows 10 devices, Intune will now be able to create and deploy configuration policies for Windows 10 enterprise data protection (EDP). This is great because, EDP can help you restrict and/or alert you to company data sharing. Please note: Currently EDP is in testing mode and will become available soon.

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