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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite Overview. – YouTube

The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite provides enterprise grade IT solutions for hybrid identity management, mobile device management, and information protection. Learn more

Hybrid Identity Management: Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Watch this demo for an overview of the cloud aspects of hybrid identity as well as Azure Active Directory Premium. Learn more

Manage Office Mobile Apps without MDM with Microsoft Intune

Watch this mobile device management demo video to learn how to deploy applications, resource access profiles, and security settings across popular device platforms using Microsoft Intune. Learn more

Information Protection: Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Watch this demo to see Work Folders in action. See how Dynamic Access Control integrates with Works Folders and how Rights Management encryption gets automatically applied to a file based upon its content. Learn more

Advanced Threat Management

Watch this Focus on what’s important fast 200+ days. That’s the average amount of time that attackers reside within your network until they are detected, gathering classified data and information, waiting to strike at just the right moment. Learn more

Look at the possibilities

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