Microsoft EMS Isn’t Just for Mobility

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Microsoft EMS Isn't Just for Mobility on

Most companies should take a hard look at the versatile security solutions of Microsoft EMS


While the name of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) indicates that it’s primarily geared toward mobile devices, it actually offers a much larger suite of services for all devices. Learn why this comprehensive offering of four robust solutions is a must have for almost any organization.

Identity + Access Management

Using Azure Active Directory Premium, users can have single sign-on access to thousands of cloud based apps such as Box, Salesforce, Workday, DocuSign as well as apps that are currently run on-premises. Azure Active Directory Premium is built for ease of use and features sophisticated access controls based on device health, multi-factor authentication, user location and identity as well as a whole host of security alerts, reports and audits to protect your team regardless of the platform.

Device + Application Management

Simplify the management of devices and apps with Microsoft Intune, which provides mobile device and application management as well as PC management from a cloud-based interface. Intune allows organizations to control access to corporate applications, resources and critical data from anywhere, on any type of device. It allows IT administrators to secure corporate data, including email, based on the status of the device as well as compliance policies set by the IT administrator. Intune requires no hardware infrastructure and can be completely managed from the cloud.

Information Protection

Data security should always be a company’s number one concern when utilizing cloud solutions. With Azure Rights Management organizations are able to secure sensitive data and files wherever their employees go. Azure Rights Management works with all major platforms including Android, iOS and Windows. Depending on company preferences, deployment can be either on-premise or in the cloud.


Azure RMS also allows users to securely share protected files with coworkers or anyone outside of the organization. For someone that doesn’t have Azure RMS to open a RMS protected document they simply need to sign up for the free Rights Management service and then download a small, free RMS sharing application.


Azure RMS is compliant with the most stringent data protection standards including HIPAA, BAA and the EU Model Clauses.

Advanced Threat Detection

Microsoft reports that the average amount of time an attacker resides within your network before attacking is 200 days. With Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) you’ll be able to identify threats and breaches using Microsoft’s sophisticated behavioral analytics, which provide an actionable report on a simple attack timeline. One of ATA’s strongest features is its ability to reduce false positives that have made many companies numb to data breaches. Alerts only happen with ATA when suspicious activities are contextually aggregated based on learned behaviors.


ATA is continuously learning from the behavior of users as well as devices within an organization and making changes on the fly based on shifts within an organization. As data attacks become more sophisticated, ATA is ready to adapt to thwart these attacks.

Microsoft EMS isn’t just for mobility anymore

Microsoft EMS is a robust software suite that goes well beyond mobile devices and should be a requirement for almost any organization looking to grow in today’s fast paced technologically driven world. MessageOps Mobility can help you transform your mobile strategy to make sure that your data is secure no matter what. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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