Microsoft Identity-Driven Security: Protect From User Mistakes

Do you know how many cloud applications are being accessed by your employees?
Are your employees sharing valuable information via emails and attachments?
Is Your Help Desk Inundated with Password Reset Requests Over and Over?
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The more visibility and control you have into your environment, the more you can keep it safely secured. Microsoft Identity-Driven Security offers deep visibility and strong data controls for the cloud apps your employees use, giving you complete context and granular-level policies. You attain the ability to classify and label files at creation, track their usage, and change permissions when necessary. And to help you prevent data loss on iOS and Android devices with an unprecedented ability to manage Office mobile apps.


Microsoft Identity-Driven Security


Cloud App Security
* Complete visibility into employee cloud app usage and Shadow IT
* Ongoing risk detection, powerful reporting, and analytics on users, upload/download traffic, usage patterns, and transactions for discovered apps
* Granular-level control and data policies for on-going data protection in cloud apps


Microsoft Intune
* Unparalleled management of Office mobile apps with or without device enrollment into MDM
* Selective wipe of corporate data (apps, email, data, management policies, and networking profiles) from user devices while leaving personal data intact
* Security policy enforcement for mobile devices, apps, and PCs



Azure Information Protection
*  Persistent data classification and protection that ensures data is protected at all times—regardless of where its stored or with whom its shared
*  Safe sharing with people inside and outside of your organization
*  Simple, intuitive controls for data classification and protection
*  Deep visibility and control of shared data for users and IT


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