Microsoft Intune 2016 – the year in review

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Microsoft Intune 2016

Microsoft Intune 2016

Where you are today is not where you will be tomorrow. Things change fast these days. Regardless of your industry, you’re always in motion – evolving and adapting to the shifting needs of your business and workforce. Microsoft Intune 2016  gives you a diverse set of tools for managing your complex mobile environment and empowering a workforce on the move. Intune’s innovative combination of mobile application and device management options gives you flexibility in how you manage and secure mobile productivity.


Delivering ongoing innovation from the cloud

Our cloud service model gives you many advantages. It eliminates the need to plan, purchase, and maintain on-premises hardware and infrastructure, lowering costs and making your day-to-day management experience much easier.


For the Intune team, the cloud makes it possible for us to innovate on an ongoing basis. Each month Microsoft release new features and product updates designed to help you empower your users to be productive, all while protecting the massive amounts of data flowing through your mobile ecosystem. And because Intune is always up to date, there’s no need for a cumbersome deployment process for you to manage.

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