A step-by-step guide to help your end users through the device enrollment process.

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Selecting Intune as your MDM solution is the first of several steps to protect your corporate data while enabling a great end-user experience.  As you progress towards deployment, you’ll need to make sure you are taking the appropriate steps to make it easy for your end users to enroll their devices into Microsoft Intune.


Microsoft recently updated the Microsoft Intune End User Enrollment Guide with the latest steps and new links to enrollment videos for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices to make this process easier. This two-page guide is designed to educate your end users about how device enrollment works and help them understand the importance of data protection. It also addresses questions and concerns they may have about privacy related to the personal data that is on their device. Finally, there’s a quick step -by -step guide that leads them through the device enrollment process.


This user-friendly guide is designed to share directly with your end users. You can share it as is, or you can very easily customize it by adding your logo, changing the text, or adding your own IT information. The Microsoft Intune End User Enrollment Guide comes in Word, Adobe PDF, and Adobe InDesign file formats for your convenience, and can be downloaded here.

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