Top 10 MessageOps Mobility Blogs in 2015

Do you know how many cloud applications are being accessed by your employees?
Are your employees sharing valuable information via emails and attachments?
Is Your Help Desk Inundated with Password Reset Requests Over and Over?
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So much to read and so little time. We’ve made it easy and put together 10 of our most read blogs for 2015. Happy reading.

Top 10 MessageOps Mobility Blogs in 2015 on Real-World Mobile Device Security Practices:

447 organizations across a spectrum of industries were recently polled in thisfirst annual survey of mobile device policies to gain insight into the common practices being employed to secure mobile access to corporate systems, particularly those related to password management and mobile-device policy enforcement. This report examines in greater detail the BYOD and mobile password activities of the survey group as compared to current industry trends, standards, and best practices. Read More.


Workforce Management Trends That Will Impact IT in 2016 Workforce Management Trends That Will Impact IT in 2016

No longer does the term “work” have to involve employees sitting behind a desk for 40 hours each week. As more millennials enter the workforce, many employers are learning that more flexible schedules and remote working arrangements are more than desired—they’re expected. Read More.


Real-World Mobile Security Remedies That Actually Work An Infographic Real-World Mobile Security Remedies That Actually Work: An Infographic

Mobile security is a challenge and a priority for corporate IT administrators. Security risks are real—and costly—yet less than half of businesses have a formal BYOD security policy. If you’re wondering how your peers tackle mobile security, wonder no more! We’ve surveyed 477 organizations to understand how they’re securing their mobile work environments so you can create a formal policy to secure yours. These are some of the most important stats we uncovered: Read more.


MessageOps’ New Office 365 Adoption Platform is Helping Businesses Get the Most of Their Subscription

 MessageOps’ New Office 365 Adoption Platform is Helping Businesses Get the Most of Their Subscription

Microsoft seems to be reinvigorating its push into business sectors, fully equipped with renewed hardware and software solutions. Similar to the crawl-like pace of adoption most companies execute on, Microsoft’s software and hardware solutions seemingly stagnated as its customer base settled into a comfortable productivity cycle. Read more.

Cybersecurity Isn’t Just an IT Checklist—It’s Organizational Cybersecurity Isn’t Just an IT Checklist—It’s Organizational

IT departments often become a bit skittish when a security team performs a vulnerability assessment. While you would think that the IT department would be afraid that vulnerabilities would be found, this largely isn’t the case. Most IT departments admit that vulnerabilities exist in just about every organization. Read more.


  Enterprise Mobility Management and Microsoft Advanced Threat AnalyticsEnterprise Mobility Management and Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

200+ days. That’s the average amount of time it takes to detect an attacker residing inside your network while they gather classified data and information. Cybersecurity is no longer just an issue for IT departments. Now even the highest level executives need to worry about what’s at stake during an attack – customer privacy, brand identity, employee and company reputations are just a few. Read more.

How To Manage the Risks of a Mobile Workforce

While there are most definitely risks associated with a BYOD workplace, many organizations have decided that the benefits outweigh the negatives. Employees who are allowed to utilize their own devices often are happier in their jobs and more productive. So how can organizations identify and manage the risks of their mobile workforce while enjoying the enhanced communication and productivity this technology offers? Read more.

Microsoft EMS Isn’t Just for Mobility Microsoft EMS Isn’t Just for Mobility

While the name of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) indicates that it’s primarily geared toward mobile devices, it actually offers a much larger suite of services for all devices. Learn why this comprehensive offering of four robust solutions is a must have for almost any organization. Read more.


Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (Part 1) Identity and Access Management in the Cloud Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (Part 1): Identity and Access Management in the Cloud

Talk about an identity crisis. People live in a world today where the entry to just about everything is a username and a password. Keeping track of them is a headache. If you’re an IT administrator, you’ve come to dread the growing stream of complaints from users. “I forgot my password!” “The system won’t let me in!” Read more.


How to Secure Your Organization’s Mobile Work Environment How to Secure Your Organization’s Mobile Work Environment

Smartphones and tablets are standard tools used by employees to store sensitive business data as well as perform a variety of functions including email while on the move. With employees always wanting to have the latest gadgets, employers have begun to implement BYOD policies that allow workers to use individually owned devices to handle work functions. While this may be more convenient for both the employee and employer it can bring about certain security risks that should be addressed in the workplace. Companies allowing employees to use their own mobile devices should take note of these policy guidelines and use them when drafting their own BYOD policies. Read more.

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